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8 Greycourt Avenue, Chester, NY 10918 | 845-610-3638

MB Bites & Drinks

Meadow Blues, nestled in Chester, NY, is a charming cafe that caters to your cravings for both coffee and mixed drinks when you're ready. Whether you're in the mood for a soothing latte or a sophisticated cocktail, Meadow Blues has you covered, ensuring a delightful and pleasurable time for every guest.

Live Music Events

At Meadow Blues, we pride ourselves on curating a vibrant and diverse music scene for our customers to enjoy. Our event calendar showcases a rich tapestry of musical genres, ranging from soulful blues to toe-tapping country melodies. Meadow Blues is the perfect destination for music lovers seeking an unforgettable time.

What Else is Happening

Meadow Blues Coffee hosts a variety of social events and activities month after month like salsa lessons, trivia night, and open mic. Bond with old friends or make new ones using the original social network.

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Location & Hours

8 Greycourt Avenue, Chester, NY 10918

Mon, Tue : CLOSED
Wed : 7am - 2pm
Thu : 7am - 6pm
Fri, Sat : 7am - 7pm
Sun : 8am - 2pm

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